Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The poisoning!

I came home from teaching yoga yesterday & Matt, my husband, couldn't wait to ask me what was in the pot on the stove. See, I had a touch of the stomach bug that has been going around the hospital where I work. So I decided that I should have steamed veggies & rice to go with my soup for lunch at work(nothing spicy, yet packed with vitamins). I steamed the veggies in the afternoon, got my plastic lunch containers ready for the week & left to workout & teach yoga.

While I was away, my husband came home from work & noticed a pot on the stove with an oddly colored liquid in it. He decided that the liquid looked like the color of my bicycle. Then, being more curious that most cats, he decides to taste it. I don't know why he would want to taste something that reminded him of paint, but that's Matty for you. While he was savoring the lack of flavor of the mystery juice, he realizes that the pot may have contained something for the knitting & might even be poisonous! He promptly spits the juice into the kitchen sink & rinses his mouth with copious amounts of water.

Roughly an hour later, I return home. He tells me of his poisoning scare & he's greatly relieved when I inform him that the pot did not contain poisonous dye...only juice from the steaming of beets, carrots & zucchini for my lunch.

Now I know why the little white packets in my wasabi peas are labeled "Do not eat".

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