Monday, October 29, 2007

The Christmas Gift Countdown

Rhinebeck is the only thing to look forward to is warm wool in one's lap (and/or a cooperative pet) during a cool/cold day.

It's not even Halloween & I'm feeling the pressure of Christmas looming over my shoulders--too many gifts that I want to make. The good news is that I started a few gifts & have been making regular progress with the World Series. I'm probably the only person (besides Colorado fans) who wishes there were a few more games. I'm not really a Red Sox fan, but I'm glad that a New Engand team Won.

I'm looking forward to attending a new knitting meet-up in New Hartford on Thursday & Sunday this week. I hope to continue with gift progress during these sessions.

I tried my hand a shadow knitting with good results. I really liked this idea for a pot holder 'cause it uses up stash & is a little different. I had originally planned this as a practice piece for a tote bag. However, I think it will be too stretchy for the size I want to make. I really liked that I didn't need to sew in a bunch of ends afterwards either, I just dropped the "dark color" and used the "light" color for 2 rows & switched. I'm anxiously awaiting the bag knitalong from Ready Set Knit podcast as a possible quick gift.

Other things I've started are the CamoAlligator Scarf. I'm using the pattern from Morehouse Merino. I elected to use cheap yarn so I don't have a meltdown when the recipient looses it. HOWEVER, the camo yarn is wearing away my fingerprints while I knit! Has anyone else had this happen ever? Thankfully I have another project to switch off too--the twisted gauntlets from "Not Just Socks" done in Koigu.

Friday, October 12, 2007

7 more days until Rhinebeck

I went to my first Spinning Guild meeting last Saturday & had a great time. I got to try a Kromski wheel for the first time ever. I really liked it. I think I now have 2 choices...Schact or the Kromski Sonata. I like the smoothness that the double treadle offers. I plan on trying it again at Rhinebeck.

While at the meeting & not coveting other wheels, I was trying my hand at spinning merino. My first few feet were pretty bumpy. Things smoothed out as I got further along and even got nods of approval from fellow spinners. I realized on my way home that this is only the second type of wool that I have ever spun.

You may have noticed that my project list has changed. I'm finally finished with the commissioned childs sweater. It was 2 colors with stripes, too bad I didn't learn how to weave the second color in while I knit until a few nights ago while trying out shadow knitting potholders (hopefully pictures next post). Thank goodness I didn't have to sew in all those ends myself. At least now I know that if I ever can't afford yarn, that I can find someone who will pay me to knit their project for them.