Friday, October 12, 2007

7 more days until Rhinebeck

I went to my first Spinning Guild meeting last Saturday & had a great time. I got to try a Kromski wheel for the first time ever. I really liked it. I think I now have 2 choices...Schact or the Kromski Sonata. I like the smoothness that the double treadle offers. I plan on trying it again at Rhinebeck.

While at the meeting & not coveting other wheels, I was trying my hand at spinning merino. My first few feet were pretty bumpy. Things smoothed out as I got further along and even got nods of approval from fellow spinners. I realized on my way home that this is only the second type of wool that I have ever spun.

You may have noticed that my project list has changed. I'm finally finished with the commissioned childs sweater. It was 2 colors with stripes, too bad I didn't learn how to weave the second color in while I knit until a few nights ago while trying out shadow knitting potholders (hopefully pictures next post). Thank goodness I didn't have to sew in all those ends myself. At least now I know that if I ever can't afford yarn, that I can find someone who will pay me to knit their project for them.

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Spincerely said...

Glad to hear the meeting was fun! I am SO going to try to make it to the December meeting. It seems like something always comes up to keep me from going, but I'm going to try to make it the number one priority for that day. I have a Kromski Minstrel and I like it very much, it is very pretty in my house and it spins nicely. I do have to add that it is probably a bit on the noisy side even with frequent oiling.