Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inbetween vacations

Getting ready to take off to Nova Scotia. Just discovered that I will have one less day there due to not being able to get the fairy on Saturday as hoped. I guess that means I have more time to get my vacation projects in order.

On the needles: I'm still working on yoga socks. I finished one sock & I'm hoping to squeeze out another one from the same ball of yarn. I'm about 1/2 way there. I had hoped to work on the "get paid to knit" project today, but my bike ride took longer due to a few missed turns, backtracking to find them, and poor average speed due to high humidity, hilly terrain, and my piggy road bike (she weighs 23 lbs! For the non-bike people reading this, a race level mt bike is about 23lbs or slightly more. Ok, so it's not really a road's a cyclocross bike so maybe that's why she's a pig). When I finally got home, I stretched, drank water, ate the last piece of my ice cream cake, showered, napped, paid bills, balanced checkbook, and did laundry.

It's still really humid, even though the thunder showers came through a few times today. I can't bare the thought of having yarn in my lap or even near me. The carpet in my house feels wet (I've found myself checking to see if the dog made the wet spots, only to discover the whole carpet feels this way)! I probably should have added "buy dehumidifier" to my "do today" list.

Stuff I'm planning to take on vaca: One skein wonder by Stephanie Japel, small noro bag (intended purpose once complete is to hold spinning wheel tools on the back side of the wheel while I work), yoga socks, the second Harry Potter Book, and my Soduko puzzle book.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bitten by Ravelry Bug

I got my long anticipated invitation to Ravelry this past week...I entered some projects, found a few friends, joined some groups, and knit absolutely nothing!

However, I'm now officially ON VACATION. If you are at the Pedros Mt Bike Festival in Hancock, MA this weekend, bring your bike & go on one of my rides (I'm a ride leader), stretch out at my yoga class on Sat or Sunday (check fest schedule), or stop by my tent (or the Tour de France broadcast area) & knit with me! Hopefully, the weather will hold out & the mud and bugs will be minimal.

I nearly forgot to mention that my Knit Picks Options needles came in just 6 days--even with the free shipping!! I'll be taking the entire set with me to Pedros so that which ever project I start, I'm prepared!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Lilly's last fleece

I recently learned that Lilly the sheep past away since I bought this fleece a year & a half ago. I'm not sure if she was shorn after the fleece I got or not. She hadn't been sick or appeared ill. One morning when her shepard went out to do the morning sheep routine, Lilly was found, after drifting away to sheep heaven in her sleep. I like to think that she decided to follow one of the sheep she may have been counting in her dreams.

I included some pics of the last skeins drying outside between thunderstorms. I ran out of empty plastic hangers & places to hang the yarn outside, so I had to resort to some drastic measures.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Today was some of the best weather ever!

I haven't done much knitting this past week. Real life tasks like taking dog to vet & cleaning the house/laundry had to be done. However, I have done a great deal of thinking about knitting & dying and catching up on podcasts.

The weather this past week was awful--too hot, too humid, just breathing caused sweat to drip done one's brow. My air conditioner could barely keep up at my office. Fortunately the weather broke into a lovely weekend--cool, sunny, breezy. I did some trail maintanence on Saturday for a Mt Bike Fest that's happening in 2 weeks in Hancock, MA (I'm a ride leader at the event).

Today, I had to get on the road bike (I barely rode in the past 2 weeks & there's that century that I signed up for in Sept....). My hubby & I went on a group ride that left from Sharon CT this morning. It was a great ride. Only one person had a flat & it was right infront of an alpaca farm!!! It turns out the person who got the flat knows someone that makes drop spindles & people that spin while hiking?! I didn't get to take any pictures, 'cause I don't take my camera on bike rides. I'll have to take a scenic detour back to the farm the next time I need more Harney & Sons tea.

Hopefully I can catch up on knitting time this week due to the holiday & the Passiflora (tea shop where I do chair massage) being closed!