Sunday, July 1, 2007

Today was some of the best weather ever!

I haven't done much knitting this past week. Real life tasks like taking dog to vet & cleaning the house/laundry had to be done. However, I have done a great deal of thinking about knitting & dying and catching up on podcasts.

The weather this past week was awful--too hot, too humid, just breathing caused sweat to drip done one's brow. My air conditioner could barely keep up at my office. Fortunately the weather broke into a lovely weekend--cool, sunny, breezy. I did some trail maintanence on Saturday for a Mt Bike Fest that's happening in 2 weeks in Hancock, MA (I'm a ride leader at the event).

Today, I had to get on the road bike (I barely rode in the past 2 weeks & there's that century that I signed up for in Sept....). My hubby & I went on a group ride that left from Sharon CT this morning. It was a great ride. Only one person had a flat & it was right infront of an alpaca farm!!! It turns out the person who got the flat knows someone that makes drop spindles & people that spin while hiking?! I didn't get to take any pictures, 'cause I don't take my camera on bike rides. I'll have to take a scenic detour back to the farm the next time I need more Harney & Sons tea.

Hopefully I can catch up on knitting time this week due to the holiday & the Passiflora (tea shop where I do chair massage) being closed!

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