Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trimming cat nails

I have an old cat. She's 13 & she has kidney problems. The prescription cat food has done wonders for her accidents however, she has gained a significant amount of weight. Nutmeg was curled up on my lap the other day & dug her rear claws into my leg & put a pull in my linen pants. As she walked away from me (apparently appalled at my lack of interest in her company), I became aware of her claws sticking to the berber carpet. The only thing left to do was trim the cats claws.

I enlisted the assistance of my hubby, got out an old towel & proceeded to clip one set of claws with minimal struggle. Then things got interesting.....

I finished 2 nails, & Nutmeg started kicking, wiggling & growling. I kept trying to trim another nail, but couldn't due to more kicking & wiggling. Hubby held Nutmeg tighter. Sensing that the cat was done with this foolishness, I told hubby to let her go. Nutmeg wiggled more, he squeezed more & then the unthinkable happened--the cat shot urine in a super soaker like stream, just missing my head. He eventually let her go, she walked away & nervously began licking her disheveled fur. We got changed & I cleaned up the floor.

I think Nutmeg has forgiven me for my stupidity in thinking that I would be able to complete this task. I wonder if she'll let me finish those last two nails while curled up on my lap. Don't worry, I'll make sure the knitting is well out of the way.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Much time has past since my last post, but you don't really need me to tell you that. I'll admit, I thought about blogging, but elected to sleep, eat, exercise, pet dog, worry about paying taxes, thought about asking the mortgage gods to pre-approve us, worry about the lump on my dog, clean bathroom, do laundry, & work....all instead of blogging.

I did accomplish some knitting & even some spinning in the past few weeks. I completed the red sweater & I even wore it a couple times. I've discovered that when I wear a sweater that I have knit I feel superhuman--like I'm wearing special armor that's even more impenetrable than "I"m rubber & your glue.....". I'm a little worried how I'll feel when I wear a sweater made from my handspun. Since it will be many months/years before I'm gutsy enough to knit with my own handspun, those of you who know me in person have enough time to prepare your own armor.

I'm nearly 3/4 finished with the baby surprise jacket and I'm pushing for a finish this week.

I finished the blue merino yarn (plied & set the twist). Since I had spinning guild this past Saturday, I took some of the alpaca(his name is Pudge) sent to me by North Star Alpacas. This stuff is dreamy!!!! I've never spun alpaca & I'm worried that I won't be able to go back to wool.

Took the dog to the vet this week for a lump that mysteriously appeared on her ribcage. Xrays showed nothing (good sign) so now we are just monitoring the lump & it appears to be shrinking (yet another good sign). Here is picture of Salta pretending to be good (she was probably looking for dirty underwear).

I have revisited my New Year's Resolutions & decided to add my progress to the sidebar--it makes me feel more productive. The number on the left of the slash is actual completed items, the number on the right is my goal. I hope to spin 2 hours per week, but would be happy with just one. Now that spring is around the corner & the pressure of spending more time in the bike saddle is getting stronger, I think it is more reasonable for me to blog bi-weekly or even monthly. I'll have to see how busy work is and how the cycling season unfolds.