Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finish by Fall Project(s)

Busy doesn't even begin to summarize the past couple of months. As you must have noticed, blogging has been low on my 'to do' list. I finally posted my Lake Sacandaga pictures to my flickr page & I got some knitting finished!

Sure the views were great (I thought it was super cool that the locals had a hammock at the top)

But like most good things the getting there part can be a little rough...

On the knitting front...I was cleaning the house & got really frustrated with myself that I had let several projects languish since casting them on last fall or earlier this spring. I suppose I had a case of start-itis. Now, I'm feeling the weight of things left incomplete & are directly blocking the flow of forward momentum & positive energy in my life. Thus began the Finish before Fall Project.

So far I finished Zappa's Pirate sweater -- complete with glow in the dark skull & crossbones. Salta's Pink & black sweater has been started.

The Eastlake sweater is finished. It took me nearly 2 weeks to get in the mood to sew up the ends. Yesterday I finally had the inspiration I needed....wear it out to dinner (the 20 degree drop in temp in just 2 days made wearing a sweater a possibility). I finished sewing in the last end 10 minutes before heading out the door to the try the new Mexican restaurant in town (great drinks--service is sluggish & dis-organized, especially since this is the 3rd restaurant these people have openned. Hopefully they will get the staffing kinks worked out soon). This sweater is photographed without being blocked first. It will be getting washed this weekend to set all those sewn in ends.

So what is left to finish?

Rick socks (1.5 socks to go)
Lace bamboo wrap skirt (one pattern repeat & edgings)
Modern quilt wrap (much knitting to goal is to do another row of boxes by Fall & another row of boxes by the end of the year.)

Don't forget only 118 days until Christmas--Get knitting!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

blogging on vacation

Am I pathetic? I haven't completed really any of my goals for this year. I'm still working on the first sock of a pair--who says carrying socks with you, working a row here & there, turns into completed socks??? They lie!!! I'm trying to focus on finishing a pair of "Rick" by Cookie A. before the merino turns into a felt ball in my bag.

I'm still working on the Eastlake sweater--front & back are done, just need to be seamed & then to knit the sleeves.

I've also nearly completed Zappa's pirate sweater. I will seam up the front & finish the leg openings this weekend.

No pictures yet...the desktop is being cleared of negative energy at the computer guru's workshop. That would be the computer that all the pics get loaded onto. Hopefully, it's not dead.

Enough computer for now....back to vacation. I'm going to listen to free jazz & hopefully knit in Kent this evening. Tomorrow is cique de la symphony in Simsbury....I got lawn seats!!! Please pray for sun!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feels like summer

It was in the 80's, some said 90's, today & I was taking a colorwork class at Webs. Good class. I cut my first steek!!!!

Pictures will come eventually.

For now you'll have to settle for Lorretta, the knit chicken who went for a ride in the car:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is it spring yet?

I have spring fever. I'm tired of the freezing cold. My dogs are in desperate need of walks longer than the 20 feet to the shoveled out lawn so they can do 'business' without freezing their feet on snow/ice.

The birds are ready for spring too. I've had two people tell me they saw robins, although I haven't been blessed by their presence yet. I did see a crow fly over my parked car with a sandwich in it's mouth last week. Surely, that must count for something.

The good thing about long winters is that there is much knitting to be done. I will run through the projects & in keeping with the weeks events (the State of the Union address), I expect applause after every sentence...stand up only if you think you need the exercise.

I finished Matt's hat!! ***applause***
I have started the Eastlake sweater by Nora Gaughan. ***applause*** There is not enough knitting to photograph yet.

I'm on the instep of the second carribean sock. ****applause****
In the spirit of spring, I'm knitting a chicken with the Ready, Set Knit Knit-a-long. ***applause*** I'm using cheap cotton/acrylic yarn instead of the $10/ball yarn specified. If I'm going to spend $30 on a chicken, then I think I should be able to eat it!
That said, I'm off to paint my toenails bright pink!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking about expectations a lot lately. Expectations at work, at home, of our fellow man &, of course, of my knitting. When my expectations are met, I usually carry on with the usual business. It is only when I'm running into roadblocks that I pause to reflect on what I'm doing/trying to do & what is stopping me. Sometimes the roadblock is other people. Sometimes the roadblock is me. Sometimes it seems as if the "powers that be" are preventing me from moving forward.

When the "powers that be/the universe/God/etc" intervene with my plans, I find it difficult to take. I've been getting a lot of messages lately. Hawk sightings are reminding me that change is coming. My massage office neighbor stopped playing is electric bass when I thought I found a new office space that would reduce my overhead. On the day that I learned that the potential office would cost the same or more than what I'm paying now, my neighbor started practicing at 5:40pm & continued for the duration of my clients massage. ....Sigh....

I sit here feeling stuck, both physically & spiritually. At least with knitting, when the project is just awful, I can rip it out & start fresh. So while I wait for flow to return, I will carry on.