Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking about expectations a lot lately. Expectations at work, at home, of our fellow man &, of course, of my knitting. When my expectations are met, I usually carry on with the usual business. It is only when I'm running into roadblocks that I pause to reflect on what I'm doing/trying to do & what is stopping me. Sometimes the roadblock is other people. Sometimes the roadblock is me. Sometimes it seems as if the "powers that be" are preventing me from moving forward.

When the "powers that be/the universe/God/etc" intervene with my plans, I find it difficult to take. I've been getting a lot of messages lately. Hawk sightings are reminding me that change is coming. My massage office neighbor stopped playing is electric bass when I thought I found a new office space that would reduce my overhead. On the day that I learned that the potential office would cost the same or more than what I'm paying now, my neighbor started practicing at 5:40pm & continued for the duration of my clients massage. ....Sigh....

I sit here feeling stuck, both physically & spiritually. At least with knitting, when the project is just awful, I can rip it out & start fresh. So while I wait for flow to return, I will carry on.

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