Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is it spring yet?

I have spring fever. I'm tired of the freezing cold. My dogs are in desperate need of walks longer than the 20 feet to the shoveled out lawn so they can do 'business' without freezing their feet on snow/ice.

The birds are ready for spring too. I've had two people tell me they saw robins, although I haven't been blessed by their presence yet. I did see a crow fly over my parked car with a sandwich in it's mouth last week. Surely, that must count for something.

The good thing about long winters is that there is much knitting to be done. I will run through the projects & in keeping with the weeks events (the State of the Union address), I expect applause after every sentence...stand up only if you think you need the exercise.

I finished Matt's hat!! ***applause***
I have started the Eastlake sweater by Nora Gaughan. ***applause*** There is not enough knitting to photograph yet.

I'm on the instep of the second carribean sock. ****applause****
In the spirit of spring, I'm knitting a chicken with the Ready, Set Knit Knit-a-long. ***applause*** I'm using cheap cotton/acrylic yarn instead of the $10/ball yarn specified. If I'm going to spend $30 on a chicken, then I think I should be able to eat it!
That said, I'm off to paint my toenails bright pink!

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