Sunday, November 18, 2007

Twisted Gauntlet Conundrum

I realize that this is the wrong time to experience and induldge start-itis (the compelling need to start a new project when there is still a project or 2 on the needles). I must have been out of my mind going to a yarn tasting yesterday. However, the yarn I ordered is for xmas gifts AND I'm constantly wanting to start other knitted gifts even though I haven't officially finished ANY yet.

I thought I was making great progress on the alligator scarf. I switched to longer needles & it made working the ridges easier. I still hate the yarn--the price one pays by regularly knitting with good quality yarn. I was up to 4 rows of ridges & was ready to take a photo for blog & ravelry when I noticed that my stitch count was off....and had been off for the past 2 rows of ridges. So I ripped back. I haven't been able to pick up that project since last Friday.

Instead I've been trying to finish the fingerless mitts. I don't know if I'll reach my goal of finishing them today, but I hope to be very close. The green yarn is my waste yarn until I pick up for the thumb.

However, I need your help......I noticed that I worked the first 6 rows on the first gauntlet in stockinette, which causes the expected curling as seen above.

The second gauntlet I actually followed the instructions and did the first 6 rows in garter stitch.

Regardless of the reason for my error (probably wine), I refuse to frog & start the second gauntlet over again. I can only see a few choices:
  1. The recipient will never notice
  2. This is a design element for designating left vs. right
  3. Crochet a decorative edging (I'm thinking scallop)