Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweater Pergatory

I was digging through my sweater trunk the other day & found a store bought sweater that I've had since high school, really. It's fairly pilly & somewhat grubby looking. I'm never gonna wear it again--so now it is in sweater pergatory. Sweater pergatory is between still being worn & donated to charity. I'm trying to determine....can this sweater be something else? Maybe a cool cat/dog bed, a throw pillow, a cushion for my spinning chair, a tote bag, a basket...? (for some reason I just recalled a scene from the movie Airplane when 2 characters are in the airport playing with a piece of paper...: Steve McCroskey: Johnny, what can you make out of this? [Hands him the weather briefing] Johnny: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...source:

Thus I have begun to wonder about sweater shavers. I checked out Ravelry & learned that most people use disposable razors (now I know what to use all the razors my MIL puts in my hubby's christmas stocking every year--that he doesn't ever use); lots of people use electric shavers (I actually have one of these); and some people use scissors. I also learned to never use an electric razor (unless I want my sweater to look like its holey from being worn in The Matrix).

On the needles: I have frogged & completed the neck gaitor for an xmas gift. I couldn't stand the two colors blended. I used the Yak Neck Cuff pattern on pg 237 of Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders(this is the only one skein book I have in my library--I Love I!).
I also started a lace cashmere scarf. This is a kit purchased from one of my LYS. Since this scarf is a gift for the holidays, I have put the Modern Quilt Wrap on hold.

My social project is a pair of socks from the sock yarn that I dyed at the last spinning guild weekend. Sorry, no picture--they're only 3" long anyway, so your not missing much.

Now that it has become cold & dreary her in southern New England, I have time to "read". I cannot knit without looking. So I'm actually listening to audiobooks. I'm currently listening to "Autobiography of a Yogi" and "Twilight". I'm surprised at how interesting both books are! I will probably get a paper copy of "Autobiography...." so that I can study it further & possibly apply some principles to my yoga practice.

Jazzy had her teeth cleaned last week & had one tooth pulled. She is friskier that ever (swatting at my knitting needle last night--while I was using it. Yes, I dropped & found the stitches). We are hoping her upper respiratory infection will improve now that the nasty tooth is out.

On a non-knitting note: I have entered the modern world & joined Facebook. I have spend lots of time there & still somehow managed to neglect my farm enough that my virtual horse was eating the dried on the stalk corn or wheat instead of the grass. Which reminds me I better harvest my strawberries...

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