Thursday, July 23, 2009

blogging on vacation

Am I pathetic? I haven't completed really any of my goals for this year. I'm still working on the first sock of a pair--who says carrying socks with you, working a row here & there, turns into completed socks??? They lie!!! I'm trying to focus on finishing a pair of "Rick" by Cookie A. before the merino turns into a felt ball in my bag.

I'm still working on the Eastlake sweater--front & back are done, just need to be seamed & then to knit the sleeves.

I've also nearly completed Zappa's pirate sweater. I will seam up the front & finish the leg openings this weekend.

No pictures yet...the desktop is being cleared of negative energy at the computer guru's workshop. That would be the computer that all the pics get loaded onto. Hopefully, it's not dead.

Enough computer for now....back to vacation. I'm going to listen to free jazz & hopefully knit in Kent this evening. Tomorrow is cique de la symphony in Simsbury....I got lawn seats!!! Please pray for sun!

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