Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trimming cat nails

I have an old cat. She's 13 & she has kidney problems. The prescription cat food has done wonders for her accidents however, she has gained a significant amount of weight. Nutmeg was curled up on my lap the other day & dug her rear claws into my leg & put a pull in my linen pants. As she walked away from me (apparently appalled at my lack of interest in her company), I became aware of her claws sticking to the berber carpet. The only thing left to do was trim the cats claws.

I enlisted the assistance of my hubby, got out an old towel & proceeded to clip one set of claws with minimal struggle. Then things got interesting.....

I finished 2 nails, & Nutmeg started kicking, wiggling & growling. I kept trying to trim another nail, but couldn't due to more kicking & wiggling. Hubby held Nutmeg tighter. Sensing that the cat was done with this foolishness, I told hubby to let her go. Nutmeg wiggled more, he squeezed more & then the unthinkable happened--the cat shot urine in a super soaker like stream, just missing my head. He eventually let her go, she walked away & nervously began licking her disheveled fur. We got changed & I cleaned up the floor.

I think Nutmeg has forgiven me for my stupidity in thinking that I would be able to complete this task. I wonder if she'll let me finish those last two nails while curled up on my lap. Don't worry, I'll make sure the knitting is well out of the way.

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thinggtwoo said...

ROFLMAO - Oh, I'm sorry - But I've SO been there!!!!! :) :) Glad you all got out alive, for one thing!