Monday, May 19, 2008

Sock Wars III status: I'm still alive

Sock wars diary:
5/9 received pattern 2pm. Cast on. Finish cuff.
5/10 work to heel & gussett
5/11 finish foot & kitchener toe. Cast on for 2nd sock
5/12 finish to heel.
5/13 Gusset
5/14 foot
5/15 finish off. Package up for mailing.

At this very moment I'm still alive in sock wars (meaning I haven't received a completed pair of socks in the mail). I mailed my socks off Friday afternoon to my target in Washington state. I expect that fightingpixie should be suffering her last breath with nice over sized socks. Why oversized? Well, the pattern was a bit loose. I hope that she can use them for bed socks in the very least. Although my "too loose" handknit socks that were given to me as a gift seem to fall off while I twist around in bed.

So here I sit waiting. I'm kinda impressed that I finished a pair of socks in a week--thank goodness for small feet!

In the meantime, I went for a 60 mile road ride yesterday in Norwalk, CT. Nice ride. Got 2 flats both in rear tire. Got lectured about tire pressure by the volunteer shop wrenches (even though this wasn't my issue) the second flat was from a nail.

I casted on for a market bag 2 days ago. I have been enjoying slowly knitting & the ability to do other things like laundry, sleep, cook, & update blog/ravelry. I'm still working on the updating ravelry. Maybe I'll use this brief spot of sun I see right now to take a photo of the completed toe up lace socks for an xmas gift.

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Spincerely said...

Oh, you are a Sock Warrior! I was a warrior last time, and I thought about doing this round, but now reading your time line - there is no way I could add that to an already busy May. 3 children + May = no life for mommies. Egads. Anyway - good luck!!! Oh yeah, and which Market Bag are you knitting???