Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sock Wars Update

I received my SIPs (socks in progress) on Saturday 5/24. One sock was entirely completed. The second sock was completed to the heel flap. So I really didn't have much knitting to do & the new target had even smaller feet that my original target.

I finished the socks yesterday & aired them out overnight (the socks & I somehow were always down wind of the campfire that was cooking our chicken at a picnic).

I just got back from the shipping place--it will take 7 days to get to Saskatoon Canada. I checked out the location on Google Earth 'cause the package place people kept saying "it's up there" when I asked how far Saskatoon is. Well, first of all, it's in Saskatchewan, which is north of Montana in the US. It's 2192 miles away from Torrington, CT.

I think the coolest thing about sock wars is that I would have never checked out the things to do in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Maybe the next time I'm out that way I'll try curling or lawn bowling or even the Cankerworm Festival that's held in the end of May.

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thinggtwoo said...

Man, you are good - I've been such a slacker...but then again, my assassins seem to be having issues, because I'm still alive!!