Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mercury in retrograde

It's been so long since my last post.....for those astrology buffs out there who are aware of the whole 'mercury in retrograde' thing(sorry, you'll just have to google it, I'm not explaining it here) knitting also reflects this:

So, what is this really? It is the practice for a skull & cross bone dog sweater. I've never done intarsia before & I thought I should practice with large acrylic yarn (it's taking up valuable realestate in the stash---it's like the slum yarn that is one block away from the mansion snobbery) before embarking on the actual project.

I learned not to try to have less sewing in by carrying yarn across the back (diagonally no less), because it causes puckering. I also learned that I should not try to make up my own knitting techniques yet.

On the spinning forefront, I went to the latest guild meeting & left with lots of new learning about how to spin handpainted rovings. Here are my swatches:

The one to the left is a "softly spun" single that allows long bands of color. It's not my photography slants horribly to the right.

This one is the result of a center pull ball plied from both ends. I must admit that I really need to practice winding a center pull ball using the nostepinne, so that it doesn't collapse. I won't tell you how long it took me to untangle the single so that I could ply it properly.

This swatch is the result of the 3 bobbins method. "Identical" singles are plied together from 2 seperate bobbins. Needless to say that my singles weren't identical.

The last swatch is an example of my attempt at navajo plying. I'm using the remainder of my practice roving to "get" how to navajo ply without ending up with rope or a dreadlock.

Finally here is the picture of the 2ply "Pudge"the alpaca yarn. Sent to me earlier this year. I still have to spin the other lovely alpaca roving that came with Pudge from Michigan. but I need to wrap up the stuff currently on my bobbins (which also includes my homespun w/angelina snowflake coaster---more reason to learn how to navajo ply something finer than rope).

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