Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacationing close to home

Like most people this year, my vacation is a little different than year's past. No long trips in the car. No evenings studying maps to prepare for days upon days spent in the wild. No stressing about something that I may have forgotten (like my passport). I'm spending 5 days getting back to nature in my own back yard. Well, not just the back yard.

It has been so damn hot & humid that the only place to be is near water. Since I live in a condo & I don't want to test the condo rules for use of sprinklers for summer refreshment, I broke out the long neglected kayak & went paddling. I went out yesterday afternoon & all day today. Today I remembered to bring knitting, food, & fishing gear (notice which is listed first).

Thankfully I got minimal sunburn (how is it that even though I thought I thoroughly put on sunscreen, it is now very apparent every spot that I missed), got several rows done on my latest sock for SockWars (yes, it is still going, & yes I'm still alive), caught many fish (the largemouth bass, rock bass, pickerel, & pumpkin seeds were all returned quickly & without me even having to lip or touch one fish). The whole day ended with a well needed, heavy shower that lasted just long enough to cause a traffic jam at the boat launch, arguments among spouses regarding getting wet while husbands loaded their power boats(it's important to note that the same spouses were wearing swim suits & just moments before were seen wading in the lake), and cleared out the entire lake for two women to swim in peace & quiet.

I also took lots of pictures of lily pads & their beautiful flowers...one of which now greets you at the top of the blog.

Plans for tomorrow? Yoga, then maybe the beach.....

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