Monday, September 8, 2008

Sock Wars Summer

I've been thinking about my blog alot since my last post....about what I should be working on, I should post about this activity, if I only brought my camera, I need to work less so I can play more, etc. But all of this thinking didn't bring me any closer to posting. What have I been doing all this time? Oh, I've been knitting, cycling, & of course working. I, like most people, don't like to talk about work any more than necessary. So that leaves knitting & cycling.

I completed enough training to do the 75 mile Tour of Litchfield Hills in August & this past weekend I completed 100mile Flattest Century in the East (the tropical storm left just in time, so we only had to contend with wind). Yes, both rides are completed in a single day. Both rides took me approximately 6 1/2 hours to complete (the century took me about 10-15 min longer)--amazing the difference that the terrain can have over many miles. Maybe online driving directions should offer "flattest route" options to conserve gas milage in addition to "shortest", "fastest", etc.

What about my knitting you ask? If you remember, I signed up for SockWars III which began in May with about 1200 knitters. There are now less that 50 warriors. I have completed 6 pairs of socks since this war began! Two pair from scratch & the rest were completing works in progress. I am very tired of the pattern & was greatful to learn that I have been assigned a new assassin--my original assassin dropped out last week. I was hoping that the fluffy envelope in my mailbox today was a completed pair of socks, but it really was my prize for winning the 1000th kill contest--a nice ball of Tofutsies. Thank you Helen!

In anticipation of receipt of a completed pair of socks prior to yet another SIP (socks in progress), I cast on for the pirate dog sweater over the weekend. This will be my first shot at intarsia.

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