Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wool, cotton, & silk, Oh My!

I received an email on Thursday of last week inviting me to a new fiber arts studio in town! Of course I had to check it out. I wasn't in the market for any yarn, but as a fellow business owner, I wanted to be I bought one hank of Farmhouse Silk Blend dk wt called "rose garden". I considered this a very good exercise in control since I really want a double treadle spinning wheel & she is an Ashford dealer. This yarn is going to be perfect! I have this one skein pattern that I've been trying to knit up for almost a year but never seem to have the right yardage or gauge of yarn.

I arrive home, search for the pattern (which is buried under UFOs & patterns for the "next" project), find it & is for bulky wt yarn. So now I need to find a yarn to knit with it to beef it up so I can still use my pattern. I can't get out to any LYS until possibly Tuesday. UGH!

I'm also waiting for some hand dyed yarn purchased online for the Web's knit along. I'm beginning to fear that the knit along will be long gone by the time my yarn arrives.

This is all really an act of a higher spiritual power, because I still need to finish the sleeves for a short sleeve pullover then seam it up. I finished the back (which was pictured 2 posts ago) --it's the blueish yarn that's sideways. The next time I include photos, I will orient the pictures properly. If you got a stiff neck from viewing them, I know a really good massage therapist in New Hartford, CT who might be able to help you out. Oh, gotta go, the sleeves are calling.

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Ginger said...

Hi Jenna, I'm so glad to read your blog. You're no longer writing in a vacumn.I know my husband would never have tasted what was in the pot. He has found scarry stuff in his own kitchen, freshly washed fleece on the kitchen table, as well as finding dye stuff and angora in the freezer!
Your support on Sat. was greatly appreciated.Thank you.