Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knitting injuries

I think I've reached a new level of knit addiction--I've been wounded! OK, I'll spare you the drama. I experienced my first back spasm EVER last week. WOW do they suck!! I'll also spare you the IBS (irritable bowel) details. I left work after only 1.5 hours last Monday, went home, slept, received a massage, guided a yoga class, came home & slept some more. Over the next few days, I gradually nursed myself back into my normal self with the support of tennis balls, a hot water bottle, & LOTS of stretching. My animals thought this was a great opportunity to take advantage of me. I think I overheard them conspiring "OK, she's on the floor, on my count we'll". Although my personal favorite was when the cat was on my butt (hot water bottle was on my low back) & she was kneading my hamstring! This eventually was not fun when Zappa decided to paw/scratch at the back of my head. He must have been paying me back for putting him in this awful static sweater!

So how is this knitting related?!? From too much sitting! I have been so focused on trying to promote classes for work, decide if I should cut back my hours at my day job, & knitting to catch up with the Deep Breath knit-along, that I was getting to bed late, working too hard/many hours & not exercising when my back went @#$(&*^!

I took almost 5 days off from knitting to focus on work & self care. Worked on the knit-along Saturday & Sunday, after exercising during the day. I even started to ply "lilly", & got half way when my back started to talk loudly.

I've been focused so much on my back that I haven't addressed the knots in my shoulders that I got while working on the Aran braid socks in the cold garage when my car's water pump was replaced.

Now if I could just figure out how to knit while lying on the hot stones at the massage office.....

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Nicole said...

Now you have two comments! My mom didn't realize that she could even comment until a few months ago. Now she loves commenting on my blog.