Friday, May 4, 2007

Wet felting 101

Last Saturday I took a wet felting class. I would have never even bothered except my mom, the voice of reason with me at Rhinebeck last fall, said "Don't buy a kit, just take a class. There is no mess in your house, you have a finished object & if you hate the process, you never have to do it again." So, like usual, mom was right....

We spent 3 hours rubbing angora with soapy water & a baggie. I liked the control that I had throughout the entire process. The excessive rubbing wasn't bad or overly tiring, but given my profession I may already be "trained". We used a water bottle with a sip top to drizzle soapy water over the fuzz to allow for felting to occur. Now I have to save those leaky workout water bottles that I picked up a health fair.

I was inspired by a movie my hubby & I watched the previous evening. It was a visual journey by an artist from Scotland who used found objects in nature to create sculpture within it's natural environment. One of is works is was in a tidal pool in Novia Scotia, one in a meadow. Another is laying of flowers &/or leaves in water pools. Another was a swirly icicle that glowed at sunrise & then proceded to melt. He photographs or films the work through the creation & destruction process. I think the film was called "Rivers & Tides". We are sending it back to Netflix now. Do not knit to this movie...sit back, enjoy your relaxing beverage of choice, and be wisked away!
Will I make another one? I haven't decided yet.

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Andy said...

Was the artist Andy Goldberg? Cool site by the way. Here is link to mine.