Saturday, May 12, 2007

Knit with Love for Mom

When I would get sick as a kid, my mom would bring my coloring books & crayons into my room so I could be busy between sleeping & sweating out whatever bug I had picked up at school. Even when I was in college (250 miles away from home), my mom would send me a new coloring book & a small box of crayons if she learned that I was sick.

Moms always know when something is mom called shortly after my back decided I needed a vacation or even just a day off. I told her the whole story, then on Friday of the same week I received an envelope her. I wasn't expecting anything. I didn't miss any religious or "Hallmark"/commercial holidays. I opened the envelope & out spilled a card that made me cry & the alpaca yarn she bought when we went to Rhinebeck last October. Here is an excerpt..."In the meantime, 'pet' the alpaca yarn enclosed until you feel better, then add it to your stash until the time for the right project comes along-it will be a beautiful work of art in your hands!"

I immediately knew what I would use the yarn for...a scarf for mom! I set aside all works in progress & focused solely on the scarf. I finished it on Wednesday and blocked it on Thursday. So here is the picture of the finished object. It was mailed on Friday, so it should arrive early in the week. Enjoy!

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