Friday, March 23, 2007

Works in progress

Getting ready to ply!! I finally finished spinning the last of "Lilly" (the name of the sheep) that I purchased last year in Lewisburg, PA after learning to spin. I'm looking forward to totalling the 2 ply yardage (completed skein shown below on left) so that I can determine what to make. I'm curious about the consistency of the gauge due to the long stretches of knitting time between actual spinning sessions.

Last week while attending local SnB groups I finished the back & started the front of a short sleeved Brilosso top. The yarn was purchased at Webs after a snowboarding lesson at Mt. Snow, & has been living in the stash until last fall when I began the project. My goal is to have it completed before the end of April (I would prefer before Easter). Pictured to the right is the front of the top...I just don't feel right about calling it a sweater with short sleeves.
Not pictured is the Knit Picks aran brained sock. The reason for this is that I believe that it is a cursed project (thank you Brenda Dayne from Cast On for putting words to this phenomenon). I have started it twice & un-knit 1/2 of a row twice due to starting the pattern in the wrong spot. Plus, it makes my fingers hurt. Well, ok not really, but I stretch a great deal after completing each row. I'm hoping it gets better.
Maybe one of these days I will follow my own advice & not have 2 simultaneous projects that use small needles. The next time I need a break from the socks I just may catalog my stash, for a baseline. My stash is by no means large which is intentional...small houses save on heat & have limited space for stash.

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