Saturday, March 17, 2007

My podcast addiction

Hi, I'm addicted to pod casts. It all started when my husband left me a ski widow a few weeks ago. Before he left, he showed me that he found a knitting podcast for me. He showed me how to copy it to my ipod so I could listen, subscribe if I wanted too, and look for others. I started at episode 2 of Cast On & was hooked! I now subscribe to about 5 knitting/spinning pod casts.

I'm glad that the art of storytelling is still alive. I'm more grateful that there are thousands of other people that are as addicted to yarn as I am and who also subscribe to or create knitting pod casts. Now that I'm aware of this culture, I'm joining in with my blog (besides my dictionary was lonely--just kidding).

The name for the blog comes from my desire to have a pet alpaca. I first learned of alpaca at my knitting guild 2 years ago. Since then I know search out & pet alpaca yarn whenever possible. I save newspaper articles about alpaca farms in CT. I found out that 2 other people I know also want an alpaca. I dream that some day I will have an alpaca to knit all my own.

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