Sunday, December 30, 2007

End of another year

Each year at this time, I do the usual review of the previous year's events--good & not-so-good. I'm releaved most of the psycho shoppers/drivers will retreat to their homes and post shopping debt--now if I could only outlaw the number of displays in the aisles at the grocery store & the race car grocery carts that get caught on the displays when zooming past me.

I spent some santa money on fiber stuff--went to the yarn sale @ Webs last week with the main purpose of picking up a part for my Louet wheel and bought a sweater's worth of yarn in purple & 2 scarves worth of cashmere/silk for $15/scarf (sorry no pics...spent too much time spinning this afternoon and it's too dark now).

I picked up my new spinning wheel on Saturday AM & I love it! It's a Kromski Sonata & it's so much easier to use. I'm much more relaxed at this wheel than the Louet. I originally thought I would continue to use the Louet for plying since it's bobbins are much I'm not so sure.

Well, off work on the deep breath sweater. It'll probably take me all evening to figure out where I left off in June.

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Alpaca Granny said...

You make me smile... When I sold my Louet for a Majacraft, I, too, thought I would save it for plying....for about a month. She's now in the hands of a friend who loves her.