Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today I ate my first fiddlehead. I was worried it would be to 'grassy' tasting, since it is a type of fern. However , I was delightfully surprised by the texture, crisp and fresh flavor that didn't give the slightest hint of 'grassy'. 
I posted this picture on my Facebook page and one of my high school classmates was brave enough to ask me what a fiddlehead was.  I had forgotten my roots. Maybe only a handful of old timers would know what a fiddlehead was or even how to find one. I wonder if they even grew in the woods in the land of anthracite coal. 
  I'm just thankful that my local grocery here in CT, hundreds of miles from coal region, had some this year and that I found the recipe I had saved since last year (probably because it wasn't in a 'safe' place). 
  Even better was the rhubarb crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Thank you to the previous house owner that left this wonderful plant in my yard. 

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