Sunday, January 23, 2011


I recently noticed that each winter I have similar for furniture, planning to paint something in the house, and overcommitting to knitting projects.  I spent yesterday afternoon shopping for an end table for my living room & found nothing.  I would really like to paint the bathroom a fresh shade of white so it looks cleaner. I recently cast on for my 3rd knitting project this month.  First is the socks pictured on the left.  I'm actually beyond the heel at this point, but haven't worked on these for a week because I started Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket last week.
The photo below (I've been experiencing problems linking my photos from Flickr lately..anyone have any tips?) is Salta & the Hemlock Ring blanket just 3 days after casting on & the result of being home in the evening due to severe winter weather cancelling yoga class.  I've had the yarn for about 3 years & I always plan on starting this in the fall for an xmas gift.  So why now?  I saw that Spincerelyours was planning on starting this project as part of a knit along, I figured that I would join in & be more motivated to finish due to peer pressure.  I couldn't go to the knit group last Sunday due to not returning from snowshoeing in time.  And this week, I just plain forgot.  However, I do plan on spending the afternoon working on the hemlock ring blanket to todays football playoffs. 

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Spincerely said...

Yay Hemlock Ring!!! I'm also starting more things. I have yarn ready for a cabley vest and 2 more thorpes!!! I'm going to knit myself out of this wintery winter!