Monday, March 10, 2008

Taming the March lion

The weather here has been typical New England...snow that allowed for 2 days of cross country skiing (I got lost in the woods & nearly had to back track to return to the car--now I know of even more really good XC skiing areas), crazy wind (was that your lawn chair in my front yard), front yard is super saturated with water (even the chihuahua makes squishy noises when he walks on the grass), and flooding (had to go to annual road trip to Falls Village to check out the shear power of the water pounding the rocks below the dam).

I made a great deal of progress on fiber projects. Finished the 2nd pair of baby booties for their 1st b-day (new knitting rule: don't promise to knit for twins). Discovered the cat doesn't like to wear boots...

Finished the deep breath sweater!!!!!! May need to re-knit one sleeve, it may be a little longer than the other arm (must have been those painkillers from January).

Finished spinning the singles of the blue merino roving. In process for plying....

I started to finish the red sweater (seaming the sleeves) but I've been so busy working that I haven't had enough time to focus on this very important part of the project. As it is right now, one sleeve is 3/4 of the way in. Sorry no picture.

This week I hope to finish the seaming & work on the baby suprise jacket & the lacey toe up socks. I will have my evenings free while I attend a craniosacral therapy workshop near Portland, ME. I hope that some of the knitters in Portland respond to my post on Ravelry inquiring about SnB gatherings. Either way, I get to relax and knit in peace (no dogs having to potty while I work my short row heel).