Sunday, November 22, 2015

Single skein Art Scarf

Venture into any store this time of year & you are assaulted with holiday decorations, sales proclaiming 'great deals' and music to 'get you in the gift giving spirit'. I don't usually get into the holiday spirit until mid December. This year isn't much different, except I'm crafting some gifts with enough time to finish them and maybe make some "emergency gifts" (for when you are presented with a gift and would otherwise not be able to reciprocate). 

All I could manage today was going to the gym & grocery store. The rest of the day resulted in my first design! It takes one skein and a couple of hours--perfect for a last minute gift.

Yarn: 1 skein Wisdom Yarns Poems Forté
Size 17 47" cable needles

Cast on 96 stitches
Work seed stitch for 4 or 5 rows (my scarf was 2" wide & 68" long).  Bind off in pattern.
Add fringe to long side of scarf. I varied the fringe placement along the side slightly and varied the length of the fringe from 6" to 10". 

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