Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sofa Sunday

We came home from a rainy walk in West Hartford with Jason, Veronica, Joel and greyhounds Lady, Blue and Gracie. Blue walked great and loved Gracie. He is such a ladies man. 

Once home, I played Robin Hood returning the stuffies to the hound Blue stole them from. Thankfully that game ended after a few minutes. Now everyone is snuggled under & on blankies on the couch for football. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Stuffie Day!

Its Christmas morning in our house and we have heard nothing but the squeaking of all the new stuffies that arrived under the tree. While Santa didn't wrap the stuffies, much fun has been had. I think dogs must have invented the Yankee Swap version of gift giving (if someone else likes your gift better, they swap your more desirable gift for their less desirable gift). One Stuffie has already lost 3 least it can't escape now lol!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The walk that wasn't meant to be

Today is one of the WAG greyhound walks. It's 60 degrees in December and rain is in the forecast. Blue was ready to go when I checked the forecast again and saw that it's to start raining at home within the hour. So I decided to not attend the big greyhound event (an hours drive one way) and walk the hounds at home. So out we went. 

First we encountered 2 unleashed chihuahuas. They wanted to say hi and protect their territory. We crossed to the opposite side of the street. Fortunately all dogs were well behaved and no one encountered a car on this busy section of the street. After departing chichi company, I noticed Blue's foot was bleeding...walk over. I got everyone turned around and started back up the hill. 

On the way back home Blue stubbed his other foot. We paused, collected ourselves and carried on to home (we weren't even a block away). Once home, bleeding foot seemed ok. Blue tolerated a brief Epsom salt soak (I'm always amazed at how much gunk comes off his feet) and now Blue is resting on his bed. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Warm day in December

Blue, the foster dog, hasn't been on a walk around the neighboring school in weeks. First his foot hurt, then it was too cold, then too much snow. For the past couple days all the animals think it's spring so today I took everyone for a walk. 

First group was 3 greys, Blue,Pudge, & Lady, with Leo tagging along. We went around the school and back. Blue wore his Santa hat. Most of the time he looked like he had too much eggnog.  I forgot my phone at the house, so I'm without a picture. Blue is walking great today. He was tired by the time we got to the house  & had to psych himself up to climb the front porch steps. 

The second group was Salta, Lady and Leo. Salta guided us to the nearby Masonic lodge. This was a big walk for her. I wonder if she will want to sleep for the next 2 days to recover. 

I leave you with this pic of my cat, Gomez, photo bombing my pic.