Saturday, December 21, 2013

Warm day in December

Blue, the foster dog, hasn't been on a walk around the neighboring school in weeks. First his foot hurt, then it was too cold, then too much snow. For the past couple days all the animals think it's spring so today I took everyone for a walk. 

First group was 3 greys, Blue,Pudge, & Lady, with Leo tagging along. We went around the school and back. Blue wore his Santa hat. Most of the time he looked like he had too much eggnog.  I forgot my phone at the house, so I'm without a picture. Blue is walking great today. He was tired by the time we got to the house  & had to psych himself up to climb the front porch steps. 

The second group was Salta, Lady and Leo. Salta guided us to the nearby Masonic lodge. This was a big walk for her. I wonder if she will want to sleep for the next 2 days to recover. 

I leave you with this pic of my cat, Gomez, photo bombing my pic. 

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