Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Greyt day

 We spent the day with other CGA greyhounds.  Today was the snood deadline day.  I sold 5 snoods & will be sending CGA the check for $50 this week!  That means that I still have snoods left over--medium & large sizes only.  If you missed out, please be in touch so your hound can be warm on his/her morning walks.

It's always fun to watch Pudge with other greyhounds.  I heard other people commenting about how cool it is that they recognize each other.  In many ways I get the sense that they are fraternity/sorority bothers & sisters.  The trials they went through together during their younger years & now enjoying a reunion while living a better life as they get older.

Jay says that Pudge is a momma's boy.  Pudge will follow me to upstairs to bed, downstairs because I want a drink, upstairs to bed, back downstairs because I forgot to get the laundry out of the dryer, upstairs to bed, etc....except when his original foster mom is around, as she was today.  Pudge found her over & over again and didn't really seek me out at all.  She still calls him PJ; which was his original call name, before his other family gave him his current name.  Thankfully Jay was keeping Pudge occupied so I could focus on the people visiting my table.  I hope all the foster families realize the impact they can have on these wonderful dogs.

While I had success with the snoods & chatted with people about essential oils, I missed out watching the hot dog eating contest, best trick, best leaner and I really think Pudge had a shot at winning a medal for 'the longest tail'.  So my plan for next year is to wear a T shirt that says "ask me about..." and have a picture of Pudge in a snood.  I'll have the snoods with me in a messenger bag--just like the people who sell contraband at a concert.  Then I'll get to meet other people who have fallen for the cuteness that is a greyhound.  In the meantime, I"ll keep knitting snoods so I can have more for next year!

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