Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer is back in CT

It is so hot & humid outside today (heat index of 100) that I decided it was a great day to upload stash to Ravelry, post to the blog, put my computer on my bike, and knit a bit.

I seamed the shoulders of my Brilosso Short Sleeve Pullover this morning. I set out the sleeves on the blocking board.

I tried on the pullover &

it's a crop top!!!! I suppose this wouldn't be to bad if I were 18 again, but I'm not. So I will be adding on a knitted border after I sew in the sleeves & seam up the sides. I also plan on taking my measurements so that I can avert this type of problem sooner in the garment construction process.

Until my Knitting on the Edge book arrives, I'll have to continue on the commission project, finish up another pair of yoga socks to I can start either a toe up pair of socks or jaywalkers.

I have started my list of holiday knitting projects. I'm hoping to focus on the commission project so that I can start on some of these gift knits soon. I would also like to get some spinning time in, but that will have to wait until after I complete my first bicycle century on Sept 9th.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Knitting in Nova Scotia

The trip was great! I got some great photos & we survived 24 hrs of gail force(90km/hr or 45mph) winds (picture on left just a day after me knitting on the beach)--no knitting got done that day. Too bad some pop-up campers & motorcycles didn't fair as well.

Vacation knitting project status: I finished knitting a felted bag on the ferry ride from Yarmouth to Portland (6 hours). Only one teenage boy commented on my project: "That's a great hat your weaving!" I did tell him that I was really knitting, but I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't a hat. One of my dogs helped me unpack the knitting, by trying to chew the double points thru the Ziploc bag the project is presently in. I think the needles are still usable (the knitting goddesses must have been smiling on me for some reason). I also finished a pair of yoga socks & got 2/3rds complete with the second pair. I did bring home one vacation project completely untouched.

I also bought yarn at a local shoppe It's from her sheep (I think they ran across the field just for me), dyed & I believe, spun locally by hand. I thought for sure the guys at US customs were going to rip our car apart when all we had to declare was 750ml single malt whiskey and yarn.
I got this really cool quiz in email this week. Answer all the questions & find out what kind of yarn you are! Please leave me a comment so I know what type of stash I'm hanging out with.
I'm Shetland wool!