Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getting "high tech"

I've been trying to figure out how to add buttons & links to my blog. So far I've learned that I need something called "basic html skills". At first I took this as a sign of aging & I have visions of becoming my grandmother who still refuses to use a microwave & watches TV that projects all humans as having purple lips & distorted faces (I develop a bit of a facial tic if I stay to long during a visit due to the screen scrolling like a broken movie reel--UGH, yet another sign of age--movie reel...).

I however will not allow my language barrier prevent me from becoming more dorky than I already am. I now ask everyone who I know who has been blogging longer than myself, how to add a button. I've searched google & read the help section of blogger. All the while thinking that I should bring my knitting over to the desktop so I can at least be productive on one project.

All I have learned thus far is that I have inherited 2 generations of stubbornness on both sides of my family. I will not give up until my blog is graced by vibrantly colored links in the side bar! Hopefully this will happen prior to employing anger management techniques to my PC (aka smashing). Stay tuned...

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Spincerely said...

I remember feeling that way! I can't believe how much stuff I have learned since I started blogging! I've actually been talking some online HTML Classes. They are by Ed2Go and the first 2 I took were great though I'm not enjoying this third one as much. I hope you can get your sidebars all decorated up!