Saturday, June 15, 2013

Room for improvement

This week has been a collection of "could be finished if only ......"

Not enough yarn (running with soda on Ravelry is sending me her leftovers so i can finish) 

Protein recovery drink needing more liquification (almond milk, kiwi, banana, tofu, frozen kale & flax seed oil)

Apparently I can't read directions and watch TV at the same time

If only all of life's challenges were so simple. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So close, and yet, so far away

This will be my pineapple shawlette. The yarn came from a yarn & tea club. I started it at yoga teacher training last spring. Nearly finished the knitting last summer. I don't remember why I stopped working on it. I decided to finish it this week on my vaca. 
  I started binding off 2 days ago...only to discover there wasn't enough yarn. I frogged the bind off stitches AND two more rows. Started again today. And now I'm about a 24" short. 
  I will not let this project defeat me. I don't remember pissing off the great knitting goddess. I don't know how I will rescue this...maybe a smaller picot? UGH!

Monday, June 10, 2013


I can't remember the last time I had a bowl of boxed cereal for breakfast. You know, like raisin & bran flakes, crispy rice, or the sugar cereals everyone loved as a kid. Over the past few years, I've reduced my processed food intake for a few reasons...the corn allergy, if its processed  & re-enriched is it really healthy, and in an effort to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

I don't how I used to think that breakfast had to be cereal & milk, which left me feeling extremely hungry in 2 hours. Today's breakfast tossed this notion far to the wayside to far, even oatmeal doesn't come close. I present:
Egg salad!